Credit: Getty Images/ JOHN STILLWELL

Adele Confirms A New Album and World Tour

We are so excited that it has been confirmed! Adele will be going on a world tour after her new album "25" comes out!

The official World Music Awards Twitter account tweeted July 15 that not only will Adele's new album be titled "25," but that the award-winning singer will go on tour as early as next year!

Adele herself hinted at the title of her next album around her birthday in May:

The Red Carpet Prankster Is Leaving the U.S.

Remember the guy that attacked Brad Pitt on the red carpet a few weeks back? He says he’s leaving the United State! He is known for “pranking” celebrities like Will Smith, Leonardo DiCaprio and Adele – and now he says he’s sorry for his behavior and giving up the obnoxious stunts. So what will he do now? He plans to start a modeling career in London.

What Did The Rock Eat Every Day For 6 Months?

THE ROCK’s new "Hercules" movie comes out next Friday. He has always been in really good shape, but he really wanted to bulk up for his new role. He posted his diet on Instagram – and it included the same seven meals every day for six months!

The meals included: a 10 and an 8-ounce steak, two 8-ounce pieces of chicken, halibut, two baked potatoes, five-and-a-half cups of white rice, oatmeal, asparagus, broccoli, an ounce of pure protein, a salad and FOURTEEN egg whites.

Jeff Goldblum's Fiance is Half His Age!

Actor Jeff Goldblum is 61-years-old. And recently, he proposed to his 31-year-old girlfriend in Hawaii. This will be his third marriage. And not only is his fiancé half his age, she is a former Olympic gymnast and now a contortionist. Good for you Jeff.

No "I Do" Anytime Soon For Gaga

Lady Gaga was recently seen shopping for wedding dresses in Toronto – and of course, the rumors started that she was shopping for her own wedding. But, earlier this morning  she tweeted: