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TAYLOR SWIFT, who ditched Nashville for a new home in NEW YORK CITY is said to be in talks with the daytime soap opera THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS! She's reportedly looking to be cast in a role as a bar-singing vixen with a taste for married or involved men! 


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ARIANA GRANDE... Grande on the BIG SCREEN SOON? Sources say YES! The fem-bot with missiles shooting from her bosoms, as featured in her new video, will be playing the role of an ALIEN FEM BOT with missiles shooting from her bosoms in the new AVENGERS movie! 


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DRIZZY DRAKE... the MAKER-OF-WORDS! That's right. Lil' Jimmy in his wheelchair from DeGrassi, and Rihanna's ex, and the man who brought us the word YOLO... has now had this word made officially a word. That's right. YOLO... is now a word in the OXFORD DICTIONARY which makes it a legitimate word, and eligible for use in SCRABBLE! 


Three stories. ONE is true. Which is it? 


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