The great BUZZFEED - the site most often ripped off by radio presenters in the re-aggregation of content - posted this great collection of the most ridiculous reactions to the news that members of the great ONE DIRECTION had hit the hookah on video this week.


Click here. Directioners worldwide chimed in on the toking incident, with some claiming ridiculous things about their "ovaries hurting" while others took things in a more comedic direction with some fans designing what looks like a "HOT TOPIC"-inspired line of 1D Merchandise for their upcoming US stadium tour. 


"I don't condone the drug use," said American radio presenter TOBY KNAPP from his studio this day. "However, boys will be boys and, considering what we've seen from other younger male vocal stars, getting sloshed on the sizzurp and whatnot, things could be much, much worse." 


Knapp then asked about the location of Lee Leipsner during this incident. Leipsner, who works for the band's Sony/Columbia Record company, is considered to be a straight-edge force for good with younger bands and antics as such. 


It's believed Leipsner could have been kicking it with Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, as the two are what Knapp referred to as "homies."