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Today is Memorial Day in the United States of America. It's a day where Americans honor those who have been killed in the service of our country in the different wars - both here at home and around the world. 


It's a holiday, and as such, is the 'unofficial' first weekend of Summer. 


But in reality, it's a day which was bought and paid for with the ultimate sacrifice... on a beach in the Pacific during World War II. In the jungles of Vietnam or on the Korean peninsula. IN the sandy streets of Fallujah, Iraq or in the mountain caves of Afghanistan. 


Or in a field in Virginia or Maryland or South Carolina fighting to keep a country divided over whether or not a person can own another person as a slave. 


Too many times we think of today as a day to thank the troops serving now, and we certainly do thank them - daily - for volunteering to defend our freedoms around the world. 


But in reality, today is the day to hug the partner of a fallen soldier and say, "thank you... and we're here for you..." 


It's a day to say to a little boy or girl who will never see daddy or mommy come home from war that their mom or dad... is indeed a hero. 


It's a day to remember that in this, the land of the free and the home of the brave... that freedom isn't free and in fact, in many cases, it was paid for by people who gave selflessly of themselves so that we can have the freedom to lay by the pool or grill a hot dog on a day like today. 


To the families of the fallen... thank you. We're with you. And we're better as a country because of the price your loved ones paid... 


Thanks for reading.