Oh, that pesky FACEBOOK...


We KNOW it knows so much about you - me - us - we - yet we tell it even more... and that it can know even more about us, what we like, when we do things, who we broke up with, why we broke up with them, who they cheated with and who they're cheating on and more... 


It's a powerful thing... information. And this list of 80 things which FACEBOOK knows about you... RIGHT NOW... is pretty amazing. 


Like take a look... from the BUZZFEED list: 


1. Your full name.
2. Your birthday.
3.Your religious views.
4. Your political views.
7. Your cell phone number.
8. Your favorite quotations.
9. Access to all the contacts inside your personal email account.
10. Your picture, personal photo albums.
11. Your high school.
12. What year you graduated high school.
13. If you didn’t graduate high school.
14. Your hometown.
15. Your college.


That's enough to get into your bank account... or to hack some email. The list gets even better as it goes on... 


64. Who and what you’ve texted.
65. The people you search for. 
66. The places you search for.
67. The friends you search for most.
68. The people you’re most likely to be in a picture with.
69. Who your best friend most likely is based on how many photos you appear in together.


Click the above and check out the list. It's good stuff. And it knows you're not wearing any underwear right now.