First things first, we're the realist...


1) If Rita used Calvin to produce the record and to help her make hit songs, which, well, may have happened, Calvin has a right to be a bit salty. 


2) If Rita cheated on Calvin with Justin Bieber, OR if they were on a break, but Rita kept calling Calvin asking to come over to spoon, cuddle, sleep over, hang out, shag or whatever, even after she was banging some other dudes, married or not, he has a right to be a bit salty. 


3) If they went South over some mutual cheating type BS, neither has a right to be salty. 


4) If Calvin is doing this to punish Rita, she's got a right to be salty. 


It all sucks. Relationships end for clear reasons... and you've gotta stuff the past in the past and move on to find that peace with, God willing, the person who is actually your "someone..." 


God willing they'll both find theirs because this public fight stuff... sucks. For all involved and for the friends and everyone.