What does your morning drink say about you?! Is this right on the money?


According to Coed.com, here’s what your morning drink says about you:

  • Coffee – “I am a normal human trying to function in the working world.”
  • Tea – “I’m a normal human being trying to function in the world, but I heard that coffee is bad for me, so I switched to tea. I hate it and I miss coffee.”
  • Green Juice – “I’m planning to live forever.”
  • Gatorade – “I’m hung over.”
  • Vitamin Water – “I’m hung over, but am attempting to hide it slightly better.”
  • Triple Venti, Half Sweet, Non-Fat, Caramel Macchiato – “I suck at life.”
  • Chocolate Milk – “I don’t want to ever grow up. And, my sneakers have velcro.”
  • Beer – “I might have a drinking problem.”
  • Whiskey - “I definitely have a drinking problem.”