Happy Friday! Is it 5pm yet? I found this article today... good advice!

It might be time to brush up on your grammar ... A new study that says poor English is the biggest deal-breaker when it comes to flirting via text.

Messaging app Omlet surveyed its users and found that both guys and girls like to be playful when they're texting with a potential partner – as long as they have the language basics down.

The biggest turn-offs when it comes to text flirting?

For guys:


  • Funky or very informal spelling: 58 percent hate it
  • Multiple exclamation points in chat messages: 47 percent say no way!
  • Lack of punctuation and grammar: 46 percent disapprove
  • All lowercase words: 41 percent give that a capital N-O
  • Excessive slang like LOL, BRB, OMG: 40 percent are bugged by those


For women:


  • Funky or very informal spelling: a whopping 73 percent can't deal with it
  • Lack of punctuation and grammar: 59 percent won't accept that
  • Excessive slang: 54 percent give a thumbs down
  • Messages during sleeping hours: 51 percent hate that
  • All lowercase words: 50 percent have an issue these messages