What's a girl to do when she longs for a life with a big-time Hollywood celebrity, but just can't get to him? Make a life-sized cardboard cutout of him and take him everywhere she goes, of course!

That's what New Jersey resident Danielle Davies did when she had a hankering to hang with Bradley Cooper.

She even started a website called My Life with Bradley Cooper where she posts pics of him running errands with her, doing housework, and even going on dates – all in his red carpet tuxedo.

Davies was inspired to do this because she and Cooper were in a play together when they were younger and she thought it would be funny to poke fun at how differently their lives turned out.

Davies gives props to her real-life husband and kids, saying they've been very patient with her obsession. But she's having fun and hopes to turn this prank into a book. (NJ.com)


What celebrity " cut out" would you take everywhere with you?