So, you may remember the list that was "accidently" released last week about Lindsey Lohan's lovers. Some of the names were blacked out, they have now been REVEALED!

Last week, In Touch published a handwritten of names of Hollywood’s leading men Lindsay Lohan remembers sleeping with.

To save them from mortal embarrassment, half the names were blurred out and made unreadable.

That is, until an expert graphic designer tried to unblur the writing.

The alleged list of notches on her bedpost now includes these tasty additions: Orlando Bloom, Benicio Del Toro, Ryan Phillippe, hockey player Aaron Voros, model Petey Wright and Ashton Kutcher. These guys were supposedly single when Lindsay pulled down their 501 buttonflys. 

Four years ago, Lindsay posed for an erotic photoshoot with Petey. That steamy session-- which was basically a sex orgy-- turned into passionate fling. Unfortunately for him, Lindsay couldn’t stay faithful to anything but her addictions.