We're sure you've seen people taking the "Ice Bucket Challenge" on Facebook.

If not, here's how it works: A friend nominates you on social media to fill up a bucket of ice and dump it over your head. And if you don't complete the task within 24 hours, you must make a donation to a charity (right now, it's for ALS research). Once you've completed the challenge, you nominate someone else to do the same thing and frigid water and donations just go on and on.

And unlike a lot of other social media trends, this one is actually working!

Barbara Newhouse, the ALS Association’s national president, said, "Donations to the national office surged during the 10-day period that ended Thursday, to about $160,000, from $14,480 during the same period a year ago. That’s not counting donations to chapter offices around the country."

So keep dumping and nominating! It's for a good cause!

Yes, I know my bucket is small... It's all we could find at the station. If you can find me a larger bucket, I will do it again for a great cause!