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Did you see the movie " Soul Surfer" with Dennis Quaid and Helen Hunt? The real life inspiration for the movie, is getting married!

Hawaii surfer Bethany Hamilton is getting married. She became an overnight sensation -- at age 13 -- by surviving a terrifying shark attack. The Tiger shark took a massive bite out of her surf board and swam away with her left arm. For the past decade, Bethany has been a role model.

But her amputation does pose one dilemma come the wedding day: Where does the diamond ring go?

On Bethany’s website, she describes her fiance -- Adam Dirks -- as an adventure-loving soul mate. (quote) “He is genuine, kind, fun, easy going, friendly to all, passionate for Christ and just a great guy over all …and he liked me too!”

In other news, Carrie Underwood will be taking over for Faith Hill on Sunday night football!

She will make her debut on September 8th when the Dallas Cowboys host the New York Giants. Underwood said in a statement. (quote) “I have always loved football, and it is so exciting to now become part of it every Sunday night!”     

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