Do your pets sleep with you?

I am so guilty of this! I can't sleep unless my furbabies are in the bed. Of course, I'm hanging off the edge because it's their bed.

Sooooooo.....If you woke up this morning with your dog or cat cuddled up beside you in bed, you're not alone. In fact, the majority of pet owners say they sleep with their pets.

A recent survey conducted by mattress-maker NovosBed found that 71-percent of pet owners say their dog or cat join them in bed at least occasionally. 43-percent say they share a bed with their pet every night. Five-percent of people say they only allow it when their significant is out of town. Most pets sleep above the covers and 11-percent actually share a pillow with their owners. (PR Newswire)

Here are my dogs, Bailey and Zoey, with me in the middle. Zoey hates the light, so she stuffed her face into the blanket!



Jenny Law

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