Yesterday, we found out that Robin Thicke and Paula Patton had seperated after ten years together! Here is the scoop from TMZ!

Last Friday, Robin Thicke jumped a flight to Canada in a desperate attempt to convince his wife not to leave.

Earlier in the day, Paula Patton called to the "Blurred Lines" singer in no uncertain terms that she was quitting him. TMZ reports he canceled his concert in Atlanta– blaming an illness -- so he could travel to Vancouver. Paula is there shooting a movie.

Sources close to the couple confirm they’ve been hanging by a thread for months. They’re more frequently fighting than making love. By the end of their heart-to-heart conversation, they both reluctantly realized it was time to separate. So they called their publicists to write a joint statement that was all rainbow and unicorns.

This separation was a long time coming, but then again, they’ve been partners for decades. They first met in middle school, dated into adulthood, married almost ten years ago, and are now raising a child.   Source: TMZ