It's always super awkward to go stag to a wedding. Maybe your invitation didn't include a plus-one. Or worse, it DID include a plus-one, but you couldn't find anyone to go with. I've been there...

Well, if you're stressed about going to a wedding solo − don't be. Here are a few reasons why it can actually be awesome:


  • You are mysterious. Be the hot single girl who walks in and says, "Where's the champagne?" Heads will turn.
  • Your take on things is fresh and new. Trust us, when you are sitting at a table with a bunch of married couples − they will all be interested in you and your life.
  • You are a hot commodity. Being one of the few single girls at a wedding equals instant attention from the single guys at the wedding.


So don't fake the flu or car trouble and go be the interesting solo guest at the wedding! (The Frisky)