#STUDY: People who fear the #COVID are MORE Judgemental toward OTHERS!

Don't judge... lest you be judged!

A new study says that people who fear the COVID-19 - those afraid of catching the disease - are more JUDGEMENTAL toward others!


Well there seem to be a great many reasons for this... and most all of them come back to emotions and intuitions. And, according to the science, not all of the "judgements" are "completely rational."

Here is the original article... what do you think? Personally, I think there is a new virus which has come from all of this... the virus I call "Meee-Itis." It's where people can't get past the "I" or "ME" in the equation.... ya know?


Do some of your favorite pastimes include roasting strangers online or sending screenshots of posts to your friends with the message “WTF is this?” If so, then according to a new study, you’ve had a pretty terrible year. Research has found people who are more afraid of catching COVID-19 are also more judgmental.

Scientists at the University of Cambridge asked participants to rate scenarios like “you see a tenant bribing a landlord to be the first to get their apartment repainted” on how wrong they were. Sure enough, the folks that tended to see most things as extremely wrong were also the ones most worried about catching COVID-19.

According to the study’s lead author Robert Henderson, “if you’re more conscious of health risks, you’re also more conscious of social risks — people whose behavior could inflict harm upon you.” The authors also conclude that these findings add to the growing amount of evidence that our morality is shaped by emotions and intuitions, and that not all our judgments of wrongdoing are completely rational.

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