#FRIENDS: How to confront a friend who GHOSTS you!

You almost expect to get ghosted when you’re online dating at this point, but you never expect to get ghosted by your friends. We all have at least one person we know are the world’s worst texters, but it doesn’t make it any less frustrating when they’ve left you on read and you see them posting on Insta. Here are some tips on how to let them know you’d appreciate more replies:

● If The Ghosting Is Abrupt. Therapist Caroline Given says the best way to address it is to “show you are invested in the friendship [...] while also indirectly highlighting that it felt out of character for communication to come to a halt.” For example, give them a call and say ‘I stopped hearing from you and it felt sudden. I wanted to check in to see if you were OK?’

● If There Was A Fight. If the last time you spoke, it was clear there was beef between you two, address it. Given says “it might feel uncomfortable or tense but it is much healthier and more productive to be kind but direct.” You could try something like ‘I just want you to know I care about our friendship and was hoping we could talk about the bad vibes between us right now.’

● If There Was A Slow Fade. If it feels like the ghosting has been building over time, Given recommends saying ‘I feel like we’ve been distant from each other. Do you think we could reconnect?’ It’s best to use ‘I feel’ because it gives them the benefit of doubt and sounds a lot better than ‘why are you ignoring me jerk?’

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