Authentically Toby: Have you ever done this?

Hi guys. I'm Toby Knapp. And lately I've caught myself doing something which is costly, probably not smart... and which could be considered to be straight up lazy...

I've been buying things via Amazon which I already have... but would rather toss out than clean for whatever reason.

Case in point: Vacation. I didn't feel like matching the socks... or dealing with doing ANOTHER load of laundry... so I just bought a package of 20 pairs of Amazon Brand SOCKS just to have them.

Did I need them? Nope. Now I've got twice as many socks floating around what I call the SOCK ZONE which is what I call our laundry room.

Am I crazy?

So my behavior has apparently rubbed off on our daughter, Kyla... who just asked me if I would order new baking sheets because, to quote her, "our cookie sheets and pizza pans are too dirty to clean."

They're not too dirty, they just require more elbow grease... but guess what I ordered on Amazon last night.

That's right. New baking sheets.


Tell me I'm either all alone in this, or that you've done something similar... because right now, I'm adding this to the list of things to ask my therapist about this week... Feel free to chime in with the comments down below...

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