Apparently Some People Need to Be Told Cocaine Does Not Prevent Coronavirus

Do we really need to tell people snorting cocaine won't help prevent catching Coronavirus? Apparently we do. Recently, a bunch of memes and conspiracy theories in France said snorting cocaine would help against catching Coronavirus.

France's Ministry of Solidarity and Health tweeted out a statement to tell people snorting cocaine does nothing to protect you from catching Coronavirus. What it can (and does) do is get you addicted to a really serious drug that can cause all sorts of un-fun side effects.

No one wants to get Coronavirus, but at the same time, you also don't want to get hooked on a drug that can lead to things like higher risk of stroke. Not to mention all the other stuff that happens, which could include hallucinations.

photo: Getty Images

So, let's avoid snorting cocaine and instead stick to the tried and true washing of hands (for the twenty seconds it takes to really make a difference).

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