You Find Your Favorite Band Before High School

Most people find their favorite band around age 13. Which means most of us already figured out a big part of our life before we even got to high school.

How do we find what winds up being our favorite band?

  • Friends: 66%
  • Radio: 59%
  • Movies: 52%
  • Dad: 48%
  • Mom: 45%
  • TV: 44%

I have a hypothesis about why dads might rank higher than moms for being the source of discovery of your favorite band:

  • A lot of dads I know don't censor the music they listen to around their kids compared to moms.

My mom only played music from the 50's and 60's until I was about 13 so I "wouldn't be exposed to dirty song lyrics."

photo: Tessa Hall

My dad didn't listen to music my mom considered unseemly for us kids. However, he'd play cassette tapes of operas at full volume in the car while waiting to pick me up from school.

He'd mouth along and make exaggerating gestures while sitting in the car listening to said opera music. I'd get to the car, open the door, and stagger back when the wave of volume hit me. Fun times when you're 12.

  • I know the ratio is different nowadays compared to when I was a kid, but more moms typically tend to drive the kids to school than dads.

If you're always listening to mom's music in the car, you might be more likely to "rebel" and feel one of dad's bands is your favorite instead.

This is a total guess on my part. I'm sure it also has something to do with the relationship you have with your parents.

Either way, you should totally check out the contest page...we could have tickets to your favorite band you can win!

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