My Cheap Valentine's Date

My boyfriend didn't want me to post this because I'm the one who got the $3.95 cheeseburger for Valentine's Day and he got a $34.95 filet mignon. For people who know me, it makes total sense:

-My nickname is, "Two Bite Tessa."

I never eat much in one setting. This particular happy hour burger is about the size of an old school McDonald's burger from the 80's. One of them with a side of fries makes for a very pleasantly but not overly full Tessa.

-I'm frugal and love a good deal.

Happy hour prices are about a third of the usual price at this particular restaurant. A good burger at a really reasonable rate where my bf can also get a really light beer he loves? I'm in.

photo: Tessa Hall

We weren't even planning on going out for Valentine's Day dinner. We just happened to see they had an open table because it was still fairly early during happy hour. My bf loves their chicken caesar salad so we popped in.

Unfortunately, we didn't find out until after we sat down that they'd just taken the chicken caesar salad off the menu. He was so disappointed. Since they had a Valentine's Day special for the filet mignon, I told him he should treat himself.

I mean, he puts up with me. We're talking stuff like me putting a stale Froot Loop I found under the couch on the coffee table to throw away later. Until he walks in and positively beams that I was so thoughtful to put ONE Froot Loop on the coffee table for him to eat.

He chewed and swallowed that rock hard Froot Loop before I could even say a word. Then he said, "Wow, that was...chewy." (And covered in cat hair, mind you.)

So, yeah. He definitely deserved filet mignon last night.

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