Biggest Dating Deal Breakers

A lot of people have probably made a New Year’s resolution to find love in 2020, but no matter how desperate they may be there are certain things they just won’t accept from a partner.

According to a new OKCupid poll, the biggest relationship deal breaker shouldn’t be too surprising – Politics. In fact, 38 million users said differing political opinions is a dating no-no. But, of course, politics isn’t the only dating deal breaker out there. Others include:

  • Music: 20 million
  • Travel: 11 million
  • Voting: 7 million

Interestingly, while politics is most people’s dating deal breaker, that doesn’t mean daters don’t like to talk about it. In fact, the number of users who said they enjoyed talking politics on dates rose 150% from 2016.

Source:Street Insider