Ridiculous Myths About Moms

Until you are a mom yourself it really isn’t possible for you to know what it’s like to be a mother, and it seems those without kids have some huge misconceptions about what life is like for a mom.

Well, thanks to Buzzfeed, some mothers are sharing what they think are the biggest mom myths out there and you may be shocked by some of the revelations. 

Biggest mom myths include:

  • "Wedon't have a life outside of our kids”– “I go out with friends, shop, and workout. Just because we are mothers does not mean we lost who we are along the way."
  • "Wedon't want to be invited out places."- "Please invite me, I probably won't have interacted with real adults in a social setting in weeks and will bend over backwards to make it happen! But if I can't go, I will still really appreciate being invited.”
  • "They think we don't care when our child misbehaves in public just because we don't punish them on the spot”“Sometimes when my kids throw tantrums, anything I say or do will make matters worse, so I'm best off sitting it out and talking about it later."
  • "I’m upset my body didn’t 'bounce back.'" -"This belly held a growing baby in it for 9 months. I’m proud of it just the way it is."
  • “We can’t enjoy a night away from our kids without talking only about our kids."- "We are capable of talking about things besides our children!"
  • They think all moms love wine!” –“I have two girls and I rarely drink. If I do, it will be a margarita."
  • "Most people think staying home with your kids is lazy, but what they don't consider is that we are on 24/7."
  • "Attractive, single moms are on the prowl for married men." -"Just because I politely chat with a husband at a neighborhood barbecue doesn't mean I want to screw him!"
  • "If you had a C-section, you didn't actually give birth."
  • "All moms are entitled and pushy about our kids."
  • "We can’t or shouldn’t swear anymore."
  • "Having kids ‘ruins’ your life."


Link is for : Lies Parents Tell Their Children

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