"Summer Fails" of Average Americans...There are LOTS!!!

Tomorrow is the first official day of summer, and while most people will have a great time enjoying the warmer weather, not everyone’s summer goes off without a hitch. In fact, according to a new poll, during just one month of the summer season, the average person will experience 104 “summer fails.”

Of course what constitutes a summer fail varies per person, and getting too much sun can definitely play a role. It seems the average person will deal with 15 instances of heat-related fatigue during the summer, and just as bad, they’ll experience 12 bouts of sunburn or skin damage. 

But not all summer fails are sun-related. The survey finds that one of the most common fails is watching too much TV.Other top summer fails include:

  • Not wearing a hat in the sun
  • Not sleeping enough
  • Not reapplying sunscreen as necessary
  • Sitting all day
  • Skipping the eye cream
  • Staring at your phone all day
  • Being too active outside
  • Wearing tight, dark colored clothing
  • Drinking too many cocktails/beer 

Source:SWNS Digital



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