On-line Debates The Correct Way To Put On A Bra

A woman on Twitter recently started a huge debate over what is the correct way to put on a bra, and some of the options are a little baffling. It all started when a Twitter user named Maddie B asked folks “hey y’all how do you put on a bra??,” adding pictures of two options, one closing it in the front and turning it around and another clasping it in the back. Well, it seems those two choices were somewhat limiting to folks.

While many debated which method was easier, some were actually amazed that anyone would be able to just clasp it in the back. "I’ve wondered for a long time if people are actually skilled enough to clasp it in the back,” one person wrote. “Like HOW - in fact when I was younger I thought it was a skill I’d learn but at 19 I’ve yet to figure it out."

  • Others revealed their unique ways of putting on their bras, like one gal who puts it on “like a t-shirt,” meaning over their head, while another said they “literally step into it, and pull it up…kinda like pants," which surprised folks. In fact, one person tweeted, "whoever says they step into their bra like a skirt is dying first in a zombie apocalypse."
  • But one person just questioned the whole makeup of the bra itself, noting, “I think the bigger question is "Why are bras made with the clasp in the back?" Why is anything made to do up in the back? Do designers think we all have personal dressers to zip us up every day? Don't get me started on necklace clasps.”



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