Dude question of the day: Is a "Butt Mask" Really a Thing????


If you're someone who likes to show off a lot of skin in summer, have we got good news for you. While sunscreen and self-tan usage go up, there’s one part of our body that doesn't get the same kind of attention. Your butt. But don’t worry, New York Fashion Week has addressed that need. Welcome to the new era of butt masks. The models backstage at swimsuit and athletic-wear brand show didn’t just get their faces dolled up, their behinds got in on the action, too. Before taking to the runway, models were treated to a 10-minute butt mask session to ensure their bottoms looked plump and radiant. Yes, butt masks are a real thing. They're Perfect for giving your derriere a smooth and glowing look and is just the pre-beach treat you'll need this summer.



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