Take My Money: A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Official Trailer

To say I'm looking forward to this one would be a great understatement.

You say the name Mr. Rogers and whoever you're near immediately recognizes the name, and most likely has their own personal story of how he, or an episode of his incredible television show touched their lives. He wasn't just a tv character...you actually felt like he was your neighbor.

I've introduced my 2 littles ones to some of his episodes, since they're currently fixated on the Mr. Rogers spinoff 'Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood'. Sure, it's a wonderful trip down memory lane for Steph and I, but it's an all new learning experience for Jonah and Noella. As soon as the theme song plays, they stop whatever it is they're into, run straight to the tv and stare, almost in amazement at what they're seeing. I imagine what I'm seeing is exactly what my mom was seeing years earlier.

If you haven't seen the trailer yet, take a minute and watch Tom Hanks bring to life an amazing human, your neighbor, Mr. Rogers.

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