Why Is Everyone Standing Up Their Broomsticks?

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If you have been wondering why everyone was standing their brooms on end all day yesterday, there was a #BroomStickChallenge going around based on the idea that NASA claimed the planets were in unique alignment and Earth was tilted a specific way. According to this idea, yesterday was the only day you could stand your broom up by the bristles on its own.

Everyone tested the theory yesterday (including me) and was BLOWN AWAY that yes, all our broom sticks were standing up by themselves.

Here's the thing though- it has nothing to do with NASA or any type or science. That part is totally FAKE!

This whole thing is loosely based on the old wive's tale that an egg can balance upright on the vernal and autumnal equinox, which is also not true. But it's still fun to try. You can do the broomstick challenge any ole time!

Have you tried the #BroomStickChallenge ??

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