These Are The Most Fun States in America, According To New Study

Man overlooking San Francisco skyline from above during sunrise, San Francisco, California, USA

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Summer is here, which probably means you're in planning mode. While international travel may not be possible right now, there are plenty of places to visit in the United States. If you decide to take a road trip, you could even hit a few different states along the way. WalletHub even conducted a study in order to discover the most fun states in the U.S., so that will definitely help you plan out your stops.

In order to determine which states are the "most fun," WalletHub looked at a few different metrics. From the greatest variety of entertainment options to movie costs to accessibility of national parks to casinos per capita, here's what WalletHub found.

Top 20 Most Fun Cities in America:

20) Hawaii

19) Michigan

18) North Carolina

17) Maryland

16) Arizona

15) Wisconsin

14) Missouri

13) Ohio

12) Louisiana

11) Oregon

10) Pennsylvania

9) Minnesota

8) Texas

7) Washington

6) Colorado

5) Illinois

4) New York

3) Nevada

2) Florida

1) California

WalletHub also discovered a few fun fact about the states listed above, including that California has the most movie theaters and restaurants per square root of population. Texas, which came in at number 8, has the most amusement parks. Meanwhile, Massachusetts has the highest personal spending on recreation services per capita, $2,574, which is 4.2 times higher than in Mississippi, the state with the lowest at $617. 

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