Who Are Your Kids Watching on YouTube?

We live in the era of social media. Your kids are so good at it -- better than you, that it's scary. They're more saavy in the programs and settings of major programs and probably can't be tamed on many of the apps, you may feel.

But the influence of these "social media influencers" is crazy.

Here's a "who's who" guide of the most popular figures on Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube that you MAY NOT have heard about -- that your kids are probably watching right now.

1. Jake Paul & Logan Paul

These self-proclaimed "blonde chach" brothers from Ohio are most likely the reason your kids asked for a vlogging camera -- or to buy their merch, which is updated monthly.

Jake Paul is actually one of the most WELL KNOWN figures on YouTube, since he was previously a star on the short lived app, Vine, and was a star on Disney's 'Bizaardvark.'

The teen blew minds after establishing a social media management talent agency, 'Team 10' and continued to take over the internet by storm. He does music, he still creates vlogs, he went on tour -- he may as well be this generation's Justin Timberlake. Jake himself has over 13 million subscribers on YouTube, multiple deals with other brands, he collaborates with rap artists and is all around a pop figure force to be reckoned with.

And if he's not enough -- we get to his older brother, Logan. 

Logan went through a huge controversy earlier this year when he filmed the deceased body of an unknown individual in a forest in Japan, known for their high 'suicide rates.'

Do Jake & Logan get the parental thumbs up or thumbs down?

2. Chantel Jeffries / Anastasia K. / Alissa Violet

The best thing about YouTube is that it is ONE BIG COMMUNITY. Pretty much like one big high school - and what happens in high school? Drama.

One thing there is no shortage of on the internet is pretty girls. With everyone being a model these days - how do you rise to the top? Immaculate association.

Chantel Jeffries is a model, actress and now a DJ - but is linked very closely with superstar figures like Drake and the Kardashians.

Anastasia K. has been featured on the Kardashians as one of Kylie Jenner's best friends in the past - and still remains very close to her until this day.

Alissa Violet has been around since Vine, but also used to date the aforementioned Jake Paul, and is even best friends with Chantel Jeffries (it gets really complicated). But YouTube is basically an online high school. Your kids go to school and deal with drama - then come home to watch other people play out drama on YouTube.

--We haven't even touched on the "cliques," that are formed on the social media video app.

There's "Team 10," "Klout Gang," "Ace Family," it LITERALLY goes on and on and on.

Just pay attention to what merch your kids are using your credit cards to buy.

3. Shane Dawson + friends

Shane Dawson has been around the YouTube-sphere for over a decade, so chances are if your kids like him, they've been watching him for a VERY long time.

Shane is actually one of my favorite YouTubers, but he is definitely meant for mature-er-ish audiences. 

He does a wide variety of videos, all comedy based, but is definitely interesting. His boyfriend Ryland, his sister Morgan and their friend Garrett are one funny group to follow around.

If anything, Shane is older than the earlier mentioned names -- and he does do things with a purpose and out of the kindness of his heart.

4. Tana Mongeau (#TANACON)

Tana Mongeau is the center of the entire 'TanaCon' drama that has been ensuing over the past few weeks. She's known mostly for her 'storytime' videos, but at only 19 years old, many can say they're a BIT graphic. 

With no filter and some extremely cringe-worthy video (she once did a reaction video to watching her friends having sex), she's one I'd keep my eyes on if you have younger kids with an unrestricted browser.

5. James Charles

Of all the beauty guru's, James Charles is one of the youngest. He was the first Covergirl that wasn't a 'girl,' and he's very relatable to young kids. He's definitely funny - what do you think?

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