College Station PD Did a First Ever "Tweet-Along"

This isn't "LIVE PD," this is ACTUAL LIVE CSPD, but on Twitter.

The College Station Police Department tweeted their typical night this weekend, full of everything from their briefing meeting to calls about underage drinking, fights, domestic disputes and more.

It makes me more intrigued when it's our own backyard, because to myself I'm saying "yeah, that totally happens here.. omg."

I'm a homebody - I stay indoors purposely to avoid some of the following instances - but from a guy napping at Northgate, to some guy in an area that smells completely like urine.. I don't know how I would fare in these situations.

See some of the tweets CSPD shared with us during their first ever, Tweet Along.j

Thank You CSPD and all service men and women for everything you do!

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