ASHLEE: The Aaron Hernandez Special is SHOCKING

I don't follow the NFL that often, but I do follow headlines when they make it to my Twitter headline.
I was never too invested in the "Aaron Hernandez" story, even though he was technically a "classmate" at the University of Florida in 2009. Hernandez entered the NFL Draft the following year.

When the news broke that he was involved in a murder - once again, didn't think too much about it. I actually didn't even look into this case until he, unfortunately, took his own life. Yet, documentaries that get into the "mind of a criminal" always intrigue me.

Oxygen aired a special on March 18th on Aaron Hernandez and his past, his sexuality, his relationship with other players and Patriots and more. Just uncovered a lot of things about him, in a full three hours and in my opinion was eloquently told.

The one part I cannot stand in this documentary is the "investigative journalist" Michelle McPhee and the two radio hosts that hold no responsibility for OUTING a man "allegedly" on-air. Not only is this irresponsible "journalism" on McPhee's part, the two radio hosts were clearly doing this for ratings. And cases such as that, get no sympathy from me.

Watch for yourself. The special is broken into two 90 minutes episodes.

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