Is Bruno Mars Appropriating Black Culture?

Anyone who listens to my show or our station - knows this is a BRUNO RESPECTING HOUSEHOLD.

But apparently, some fans aren't impressed with Bruno Mars use of "Black" music and accuse him of "appropriating" Black Culture.

Let's just stop before we go any further.

Bruno Mars has been in showbiz, literally since he was a child, singing Elvis songs during his father's performances in Hawaii for tourists.

Even when Mars first burst on the scene - he always had an R*B soul to his voice. Though he had many pop hits - you can hear the R&B influence in his style. So the fact that he happens to be successful singing R&B type music - bringing back "New Jack Swing" with 'Finesse,' does not make him a cultural appropriator.

For a man that has been performing this style of music his entire life - is he not supposed to sing the type of music he likes and relates to? How ridiculous does that sound.

Also - can we point out that Bruno Mars has paid all homage and given respect to black musicians and black culture that paved the way for him - and donated to various causes affecting the Black communities in America.

If you have time to listen to the GARBAGE these people are arguing over.. here's the video. 

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