College Station Ranked MOST Unaffordable U.S. City

Were we all thinking it? Lots of student renters - many families cannot find affordable homes because the rental and deposit rates are sky high. It looks like a recent study claims that College Station is one of the most unaffordable cities to live in, not just in Texas, but in the ENTIRE country.


Based on a Bloomberg study, College Station is the number one LEAST affordable city based on how much resident's spend on rent as a percentage of their monthly income. The study claims the average College Station resident spends 46% of their monthly income on rent expense. The average rent is $904. However, due to the high number of college students that work very little, or not at all - this skews the numbers a bit.

Since college students are making LESS, they are spending MORE of their income to make rent.

BUT - since I moved to Aggieland, the average complaint is that it is hard to rent actual homes - because of the restrictions and rates that are placed on properties due to student renters. This is not confirmed and is just a common perception of residents.

Do you actually believe this is true? How affordable is your rent?

There is an excerpt of the data chart below. The one thing most cities have in common - they're college towns, meaning the students will skew the study based on their low income. But what do you think? Is College Station THAT expensive?

Read the full story, here.



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