10 Books Ashlee Recommends for Self Peace

Everyone goes through a period in their life where they need to self-reflect. Some can argue, that this never ends - it's a constant work, yourself.

I've found in the past few years - these books have really helped me find self-peace, growth, maturation and have helped me find my purpose.

1. "Ask and It Is Given" - Esther/Jerry Hicks


2. "The Four Agreements" - Don Miguel Ruiz


3. "The Outliers" - Malcolm Gladwell


4. "My Voice" - Angie Martinez


5. "Seven Spiritual Laws of Success" - Deepak Chopra


6. "The Hollywood Commandments" - Devon Franklin


7. "The Wait" - Devon Franklin/Meagan Good


8. "The Power Playbook" - Lala Anthony


9. "My Mother's Wisdom" - Terrence J


10. "The 48 Laws of Power"



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