BCS Target Stores Will Now Deliver

Looks like shopping at your favorite big box retailer just got easier.

Target stores in the BCS are will offer delivery service starting February 15, 2018 using the grocery delivery service, Shipt.

Will it still have the same affect of us over-spending if we're not PHYSICALLY in the store?

Target advertises that you can get your groceries and more in less than an hour - I want to see what the delivery vehicle will look like? A giant red van with a bullseye is what I want to see.

Target Shipt

Read more on the service and sign up, here.

Also, good news - looks like if you are a new sign up you can get a discounted annual service fee of $49/year as opposed to the usual rate of $99/year PLUS a $15 credit when you spend $100 or more.


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