'Best Buy' Will No Longer Sell CD's, Target Next

The electronic GIANT 'Best Buy' announced that they will no longer be selling physical CD's in store anymore. *gasp* When's the last time you actually bought a physical CD? 

It's been a while for me, but now I kind of miss it.

Looks like the sale of physical CD's has fallen drastically since the introduction of streaming, specifically 18.5% last year. Remember when they stopped selling tapes? And you needed that stupid tape with the wire hanging out for your car, to connect it do the CD player - yeah that dumb thing.

Well now, with bluetooth technology and more, CD's are definitely extinct.

As for Target, they are also rumored to be ending sales of the compact disks. Such a shame. Wait, what will happen to FYE? Wait.. are they even in business anymore? 

Are you sad?

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