VALENTINE's DAY Ideas in The Brazos Valley

It's finally FEBRUARY 2018 - what does that mean? Valentine's Day is around the corner! Exactly two weeks away from today! But wait, is there really anything to do in Bryan-College Station? 


1. Movies

50 Shades Freed releases on Valentine's Day, so as tradition - it's only right to go see with your significant other, possibly 'get inspired.'

2. Scenic Walk

I am a sucker for 'meaningful' junk like spending time together, (that's my love language by the way). So I LOVE long scenic walks, such as around the shoppes of Downtown Bryan, even the Blue Bonnets field or in any open area.

3. Dine Out

There are a slew of loved and new restaurants in Aggieland - guys, if you really want points, I, as a woman, would enjoy a reservation at Paolo's or Christopher's.


If you're feeling REALLY FANCY - drive to SHOWBOAT DRIVE-IN THEATER in Hockley, TX. Even if she isn't old enough to have experienced a drive-in movie int the past, the experience is unforgettable.

This specific theater is in Harris County. 

**Note: They're only open on the weekends - so maybe do this the weekend before as an early surprise! :)

5. ...And Just My Two Cents.. from Past Experience..

I am someone who loves to just spend time with my other half, money doesn't even have to be spent. But the best memories, most romantic dates I've been on, were all planned nights out under the stars, with either a picnic or roasting marshmallows. I promise you, we rarely make time to think of sweet ways to spend time with each other. But honestly, if you want to impress someone - putting the phone down, taking time to plan out a quiet area to spend time and talk and do something sweet - that's all you need! That could be roller skating, biking, hiking, fishing, anything to show you care. 

Relive the craziness of your first date with this teenage girl - she went on her first date about a month ago, so cute. But just reminds you how innocent love was back then. Awwwwwwwwww!

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