Teen Mom Airs Jennelle's "The Ex Files"


Jennelle Evans is undisputedly one of the most "cray-cray" cases on the Teen Mom franchise. But she reminded us, just HOW unstable she really is - by giving us a personal look into the past public relationships she's shared on the show with the Teen Mom spinoff "Jennelle: The Ex Files."

I think we can all agree, Jennelle's best ex EVER was Kiefer Delp as her mom Barbara so affectionately calls "KIEFFFFFFFAH!" But we finally all saw that all of her past fiance's, husbands and exes were all drug users - bad influences on the star, but people she attracted into her life.

None of us are perfect, but we all know the mantra, "The same situations will happen until you learn from your mistakes."

Evans' current husband, David Eason, is so far, NOT a fan favorite. Many fans believe he is abusive - he's been documented and filmed being controlling on multiple occasions. What do you think? Is that what Jennelle needs?



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