Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Was a MESS

The Victoria's Secret fashion show doesn't air until November 28th on CBS - but not before there were disasters one after another.

First, Katy Perry was denied access to the country, over a dress she wore YEARS AGO - which was deemed "inappropriate." Perry is still paying for her fashion choices years later.

Then, supermodel Gigi Hadid was denied access to China as well, after some officials did not agree with an Instagram post where they felt she was "making fun of" Buddha.

If that wasn't enough - at the actual show, Chinese supermodel Ming Xi took a pretty noticeable fall down the runway as she tripped over the long train that accented her ensemble.

Wonder what they'll do in editing?

Watch the show air on November 28th at 10pm on CBS.

This is the dress Katy wore, which offended China.

This is the post that got Gigi Hadid banned:

Ming Xi's topple:

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