Osteen Receives Backlash For Not Opening Church

Joel Osteen, minister of Lakewood Ministries in Houston, TX was under fire - after some speculated on social media, why he didn't open his megachurch, which seats 16,800 patrons - to the displaced survivors of Hurricane Harvey.

Initially, it was said that Lakewood was inaccessible.

After receiving backlash, some Twitter users even said that he blocked them on the social media app.

Some Houston residents went to his church, to show whether or not it was in fact "accessible."

The criticism came after popular furniture owner, 'Mattress Mack' opened all of his locations to help shelter residents.

Since the backlash, Osteen has in fact opened the doors of Lakewood Church to take in Houston residents. The Facebook user, Ricky Diaz shared photos from Lakewood Church to dispel the backlash that the pastor received.

What do you think? Was it fair for social media to attack the minister? 

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