UNITED AIRLINES.. Is This a Major Fail?

The question I have as a consumer is, do you NOT keep track of how many seats you have on a flight?

Here's the story:

In Chicago, a video shows a man that was already seated, being forcibly removed from authorities from a flight that he paid for and was already ticketed for. But according to U.S. Airlines, the flight was overbooked - and they asked the man to get off the flight.

He refused to give up his seat and the video shows him being pretty overly-forcibly removed from the flight.

After the passengers boarded the flight, United officials were told that four volunteers needed to give up their seat to standby United employees, that needed to be in Louisville, on Monday, to work a connecting flight.

Passengers were offered $400 hotel stay and a free rescheduled flight - but no one took the offer. The offer was then increased to $800, but still no one wanted to give up their seats.

Here is the video of the man:

This obviously was unnecessary force - how United will get out of this one.. we have yet to find out.

Video Source: YouTube.com

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