We Got in a #TreySongz Album Debate Last Night...

Last night, my friend Val Santons (on 102.3 The Beat in Austin, TX) got into our first fight.. what Trey Songz album was the best?

In my opinion - it's TRIGGA and TRIGGA Reloaded.


Every track on that album I never skipped through. They all were catchy, all good content, great rhythym.

She said, 'READY.'

Though I love Ready.. I could've done without some of the songs on there. "Your Side of the Bed" wasn't that great to me. It was newly 'no braids' Trey and I did LOVE IT, but c'mon, TRIGGA had Foreign.. the remix with Justin Bieber.. Disrespectful.. Dead Wrong with Ty Dolla Sign.. like c'monnn!

We even started a poll.. until Mr. Steal Yo Girl.. weighed in himself...

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