We Got in a #TreySongz Album Debate Last Night...

posted by Ashlee Young -

Last night, my friend Val Santons (on 102.3 The Beat in Austin, TX) got into our first fight.. what Trey Songz album was the best?

In my opinion - it's TRIGGA and TRIGGA Reloaded.


Every track on that album I never skipped through. They all were catchy, all good content, great rhythym.

She said, 'READY.'

Though I love Ready.. I could've done without some of the songs on there. "Your Side of the Bed" wasn't that great to me. It was newly 'no braids' Trey and I did LOVE IT, but c'mon, TRIGGA had Foreign.. the remix with Justin Bieber.. Disrespectful.. Dead Wrong with Ty Dolla Sign.. like c'monnn!

We even started a poll.. until Mr. Steal Yo Girl.. weighed in himself...



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