WATCH: The Web's Calling this UH Student, #BootBae

The outline of the story that we know.. there was a date auction at University of Houston, right down the street .. one of the women being auctioned off was walking around to possible contenders.. one VERY possessive girlfriend extended her boot to keep a girl from approaching her boyfriend (we think he is). 

I'm just wondering why the girl didn't SNAP the girl's foot... don't put your nasty boot on me... 

LMFAO. Then the girl in the video who's being auctioned off.. responded lol!

Oh Houston, we never get tired of you.

Is #BootBae in the right? Would you go to a date auction then get mad that some people are playing to your man in the crowd?

Or - WHAT THE HECK you doing putting your shoe on me? Uhm nah.

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