Quincy: "This Is For You" Available Valentines Day

This Valentine's Day, 2/14/17 - music is for the lovers, the singles and those in situationships, thanks to Quincy. 

We know him as an actor, such as the Bad Boy boyfriend in 'Brotherly Love' that secretly just wanted revenge for his family, (yes Quincy we're still mad about this - and shocked) -- SHE LOVED YOU! 

Also his hilarious appearance as the 'confused' gang banger in 'DOPE.' (BEREAL) - probably one of the funniest scenes from the movie! (NSFW)

Or maybe we recognize and peg him as the 'super rich kid,' biologically the son of famed R&B superstar, Al B. Sure and the taken in son of media mogul, Diddy. (Cue that 'My Super Sweet 16' Footage that made us all hella jealous in our pre-teens).

Aside from his earlier appearances and introduction into our lives, we may be a little more skeptical to believe that Quincy as an artist can sustain musical talent. Ha - we were quite surprised. Though he's dropped singles before - he completely surprised us with his presence and connection to his audience on this new project "This Is For You."

Right off the bat, the first single is a RE-MAKE of his father's hit, "Nite and Day." 

We know what you're thinking - if you're going to redo a classic, you better come correct. And Yes. He Did.

"I Can Tell You" pays the perfect amount of homage to the famed hit with enough of his own spin to it - but the tracks we were REALLY messing with are "Waterfall" and "Late Night Flex."

Valentine's Day soundtrack - those are it right there - panties off, everything.

I have to admit, I wasn't sure if Quincy would come through on this project - but things he did: that.

"This Is For You" drops on Midnight, on Valentine's day 2/14/17.

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