Grammy's 2017: From Backstage!

In my second year of radio, we're at the Grammy's! The biggest night in music! Definitely a surreal moment for a music lover. Growing up watching this show, it was a dream come true getting the confirmation to the show! Credentials were picked up, outfit was planned, now to the parties right?

Ha, jk.. apparently all the parties that are 'advertised' are invite only - and though I'm sure if I did some scamming and got my Joanne Prada on.. we could've made it happen... but I'm so out of the 'needing to be at parties' phase. Maybe next year, I'll be "More VIP" in LA, we'll see.

Sunday February 12th at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, my first time n LA since I was twelve years old, with the accompaniment of my assistant, BJ. We flew down to LAX, with our eyes wide open, HOPING this weekend would be as 'litt' as all of my industry friends made it seem to be. There is a LOT going on in LA during this entire weekend, but honestly, if you're not "in the right circle, you're not on the list. you're not getting in."

2017 - Best New Artist goes to CHANCE THE RAPPER - The FIRST televised award of the night This was a HUGE win for the hip-hop culture, especially after Chance has not yet sold any records, all of his releases were mixtapes and he is an independent unsigned artist. Chance has proven that you can achieve so much of your own success on your own!

Following his acceptance, the Weeknd took the stage with Daft Punk for a live performance of "I Feel It Coming."

After John Travolta made it apparent that he is VERY far sighted, Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood dominated the stage for country mashup magic.

One of the early talking moments of the night is when TwentyOne Pilots took their pants off.. why because "if they ever won a Grammy, they promised they would accept it, just like this.. (in their underwear). Letting all aspiring major musicians know that one day - this could be them! Then of course, host James Corden had to match and set with the same likeness - throwing back to the show all of a sudden.. pantless!

Ed Sheeran showcased his major talent with a one-man band rendition of his current hit "Shape of You" from his upcoming 'Division' album, dropping March 3rd. 

Per usual, Beyonce had so many confused with her long-form performance with all this monologue. But a respected veteran like Queen Bey has EARNED her right to a long ass performance with crazy symbolism  - and looking gorgeous, might I add. Can we also return to Mama Tina saying "...both my daughter's grammy nominated by the way.. that's not in the script though.." lol YOU GO MAMA TINA.

So what could possibly top a Bey performance? Nothing. James Corden tried to top it with a MASSIVE indoors carpool karaoke featuring John Legend, Jason Derulo, Jennifer Lopez and BLUE IVY! 

Bruno... oh Bruno, what can we even say about you.. other than that you are a BLESSING to our days and culture. Nothing but pure talent, dance, comedy, everything.

After his performance, most fans gleamed waiting for the George Michael and Prince tributes.

It's easy to assume that Adele made it a very MEMORABLE ONE, STOPPING the performance and swearing - saying that 'she can't mess this up for him.' Takes a very noble person to do that in the middle of a performance. Only Adele. 

Buzz on Twitter remained to be about Cee-Lo Green's choice in outfit, with the more observant users comparing him to a Ferrero Rocher package. And who knows if he just wanted to leave or got kicked out, but he left immediately after his walk on the red carpet. Another big stir was by Joy Villa.. who is she? WE don't know. Can't cancel her if we have no idea who she is.

Probably one of the funniest and shocking moments of the night is when Adele won Best Record and Best Album Back to Back, shunning Beyonce's 'Lemonade,' but also dropping multiple 'F' Bombs on LIVE TV. How much will that cost you CBS?

Guys - also really short break here - WE SAW BEYONCE AND ADELE IN PERSON! (SCREAMS)

Bruno Mars BROUGHT THE HOUSE DOWN with his personal tribute to Prince. If there was any artist that could do him justice, it was Bruno. Now we see WHY he is one of the BEST performers of our generation, with a very well deserved Vegas residency and a highly anticipated 24k Magic World Tour this year!

Though his album '24k Magic' did NOT come out in the eligibility period of this year's Grammy's - we will definitely return next year to see him hopefully accept many accolades for his performance on the nine track collection.

Chance the Rapper was almost the Cinderella story, being an unsigned artist, whom does not SELL records, he streams them for free.. taking home at least three awards including Best New Artist and Best Rap Album for 'Coloring Book.'

Adele won ALL FIVE of her nominated categories, which was five altogether. She's the first person to sweep album, song and record of the year, twice. And in one of the craziest moments of the night, she gave a bow to Beyonce after winning album of the year - basically saying that SHE should have won it. Maybe next year, Bey.

Following music's biggest night - Best Rap Album nominee DJ Khaled released the single, "Shining" featuring Beyonce and Jay-Z.

My favorite part of the night hands down - was Bruno Mars' Prince performance. To me, he was so mesmerizing... (Watch BELOW)

All in all - we absolutely LOVED the night - watch my snapchat story from the big day - BELOW.

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