Rihanna Dropped the WORLD CUP!! She partied it up with the German team after they won the world cup in Rio yesterday. All-time World Cup goal scorer Miroslav Klose let Rihanna hold the cup, seemed like a nice gesture until she dropped the trophy and broke it!



We told you ARCHIE was going to be killed off, and now, we know how and why the ICONIC cartoon figure is going to die: to save his gay friend. 



 .: getty :. 


Sam & Kat: CANCELLED! Jeanette McCurdy is NOT having that the ARIANNA GRANDE is getting PAID and ALL THE ATTENTION... and demanded that GRANDE take a pay cut or she'd WALK. Guess who didn't take a pay cut... that's right. So no more show! 


So, three stories, ONE is true... which one is it? 


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