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Dave 1 and P-Thugg, better known as Chromeo, are celebrating 10 years of making music together since their debut album. With the arrival of their fourth album White Women, the guys are not only still going strong, but are better than ever.

On their new album, Dave 1 tells iHeartRadio, "This is our fourth album. We wanted to challenge ourselves and do something new, and create a new interest about this band - because nowadays, bands usually don't even get to album number four."

Dave tells us that the first step to the album, was "to make the best music we've ever made."  He also mentioned that this album stands out with the collaborators they brought in like Solange, Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig, and more. But that's not all, "We brought in friends from New York, we brought in people from the label, we brought in our manager to listen to every son,  you know every girl I ever went on a date with had something to say about the record, and actually made it on the record."

P-Thug says, "We synthesized our whole career into this album, and then added all these new layers and made it more accessible and more high energy. So that if 'Jealous' is your first introduction to Chromeo, all you need is this album and you then move forward you know, that's kind of how we did it."

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Chromeo stopped by the iHeartRadio Studios recently to talk to us about their new album White Women, and everything else BUT the music.

Check out OffBEAT with Chromeo below:

What is the best way to approach White Women or women in general?

Dave 1: The album isn't about "white women," you know like racial or like ethnic. So, I don't know about like the best way to approach one specific community of women but I'd say the best way to approach women in general is to pretend like you like men. Reverse psychology baby.

Have you done that?

Dave 1: No, too scared. Too scared because in case it doesn't work then... I got to live up to the lie.

P-Thugg: Because then you're in another category, and that's it.

What's your go-to pick up line?

P-Thugg: No, you gotta tailor it to you know, to every girl you see.  

Dave 1: My go-to pick up line is, do you think I'm ha-ha funny or sexy funny?

Does it work?

Dave 1: Yeah, because when it's ha-ha funny, you know you’re gonna be in the friend zone. 

What makes you guys jealous?

Dave 1: This is what makes me the most jealous. If I go to a bar and have a drink with a girl, and because we're seated next to each other, she is looking at the bartender more than she's looking at me. So I have a rule that you shouldn't make more than 15 seconds of constant eye contact with the bartender, you know. I would rather you get a kinked neck and look at me the whole night than to look at some cute guy who knows how to mix drinks that I don't even know how to pronounce.

When are you guys not with it?

Dave 1: We are not with it when we are hangry.  We are not with it when we have slept three hours and we gotta go somewhere else on tour.  We're not with it when...

P-Thugg: We're up in security at the airport for too long.

Dave 1: And they're going through all of our stuff.  We're not with it when our stomach is acting up, and there are no wet-wipes in the green room.  We are not with it when a girl breaks the half an hour rule before answering the text message. There's a half an hour rule, don't you think? There is also HALT, hungry/angry/lonely/tired.

Who are the ultimate funk lordz?

Dave 1: Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Zapp & Roger, Hall and Oates.

P-Thugg: Bootsy Collins, Cameo, Midnight Star.

Dave 1: Those are our heroes you know, but there's modern funk lords too. Like Pharrell is an honorary modern funk lord. My brother A-Trak is a funk lord.

P-Thugg: Kendrick [Lamar] is a funk lord. Snoop is a funk lord.

Dave 1: Snoop is the king of the funk lordz. You know what? On a sensitive day, Drake can be a funk lord. Yeah, we mess with Drake.

P-Thugg: Just because he's Canadian.

Dave 1: Miguel is a funk lord. Miguel is dope. So it's a whole nation of everybody that makes people shake tucchus!

What is the hardest thing to say no to?

Dave 1: Well, the song is about having the backbone to refuse sexual advances when you’re on tour, and yet you’re in a committed relationship.  That's pretty hard to say no.  However, any kind of buffet at the hotel, brunch buffet is much harder to say no to. Can't say no to Nutella.

Do you have a favorite sexy socialite?

Dave 1: Hell yeah. Georgia Jagger. All day, the girl with the most beautiful teeth in the world.  I will find out where she lives and play the harp under her window. I would like, I mean, she's fun...moving on.

P-Thugg: Celine Dion for me. She's a great sexy socialite.

What's your favorite nicknames for each other?

Dave 1: That's funny because there was an immigration officer agent they used to call P-Thug, "Thuggie Bear" a long time ago.  I thought that was very cute.

P-Thugg: I call him Dafed.

Dave 1: That's like only my family and my friends from high school they call me that. I had a calculator that could only do A, B, C, D, E, F, and the closest that I could write David on it was that. And then it stuck and it became one of those high school things, that never leaves.  And now like I'm in his phone as that name, 25 years later. The next thing you know, when I'm dead that's like the name they're gonna use all because of that calculator from 1996.

You guys are very stylish so how would you describe your style?

Dave 1: Today P-Thugg is going for Brighton Beach dirt bag.

P-Thugg: Internet Café Creep. [On Dave 1's style] Modern day rock and roll. Leathery, you know.

When you were thinking of band names, did you have any rejected ones?

Dave 1: Yeah.  Our first band name was Hijack and that was one week before 9/11. That didn't go so well.

P-Thugg: Then there was a contender, it was Crunk Brothers.

Dave 1: Thank God that did not happen. But then Chromeo was one of those names where like, we're like, this sounds like a band that exists.  You know, like how come nobody thought of that?  This is like 10 years ago so you know early days of Internet and so we're like all right let’s search it.  And we're like "well there's a guy on the Philippino message board that's called Chromeo, I think we could use it."

Dave 1, did you and A-Trak drive your mother crazy when you were younger?

Dave 1: You know it's funny, no we didn't.  I mean I was the older son, so obviously like I got into it with my parents, and I think my brother never said a word.  And then one day he woke up and became like the world's best DJ and he was basically gone. This is a true story, my brother goes up to Montreal.  He goes to my parent's house, hasn't seen them in six months and doesn't talk to them.  And I call my mom, and my mom is like "Alain's in the basement, he hasn't said a word to us, I don't know what he's doing."  And at the same time I get a text from my brother he's like, "yo I'm going through all the photo albums, I've got TBTs for days."  So he just goes straight to the vault, doesn't say hi to my parents you know.  So he's, he's a real shy kid. He doesn't talk as much as me.

We fight more now [over work]. I mean we're still super, super tight, but like I think as you grow up and you know, your adult life comes in, but as kids we never fought. We were just like two nerdy white kids, geeking out over music we discovered together.  Much like P and I, you know we just sort of never fought either.  Music brought us all together.  As cheesy as it sounds it's really true.

*Bonus fact: P-Thugg taught Dave 1's brother A-Trak how to drive. He tells iHeartRadio, "There's this footage somewhere of me driving around with him, and we get into an accident and like my head butts into the windshield."

On his brother's driving skills, Dave 1 says, "He still is the worst driver. He should never be allowed near an automobile."

Check out the music video for Chromeo's "Jealous (I Ain't With It)" below:

Photo Credit Katherine Tyler for iHeartRadio